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Who We Are 

Blue Gray USA is under the direction of one of the most experienced and successful coaches, college and professional baseball recruiting, and placement specialists in the nation, Executive Director and owner Steve Freker.Steve, his staff and Baseball Board have an impressive combination of decades of experience and accomplishment as players and coaches and proven track record of helping talented high school players succeed. They have many years of dedicated commitment to helping talented and motivated high school players aspire to the next level of play, whether that may be in the collegiate or professional ranks. Steve and many of his staff members have been organizing, coordinating and supervising baseball showcase events for nearly 20 years. Whether it’s in the New England and Northeast states or the Mid-Atlantic or Southwest, Blue Gray USA has the goal of bringing a rewarding and successful experience to players, coaches and families at every single event.


What We Do 

Blue Gray USA coordinates a number of individual  baseball showcase events in both the Northeast and beyond, providing prospects from several regions of the U.S. the opportunity to show their ability on the field in front of the many college and professional scouts we have in attendance at each event. Our experienced staff members will measure and tabulate individual performances and also coach prospects in games portion of the event  featuring, for many, some of the best competition they have ever faced. This year we plan on adding a major feature to our events, a livestream video of the one-day or two-day activities which will be available for viewing by virtually any college coach or scout in the nation.  Players’ families may also view the livestream of the event through a special password. Blue Gray USA works directly with college and MLB baseball scouts on a year-round basis to share reliable, accurate information on players, and help connect players to colleges. We keep a database of performance and other information to which college and professional scouts have access. 



Why We Do It 

Nearly every high school baseball player who puts on a uniform has aspirations to play at the next level. With the rise of the internet and social media, there is a great deal of information that may be obtained about individual players. There is also a lot of inaccurate information out there regarding the availability and number of baseball athletic scholarships. The reality is that while the opportunities to be offered  a baseball scholarship at the Division 1 or Division 2 level are not truly bountiful, Blue Gray USA joins with players and their families in the motivation that these scholarships are a worthy pursuit. We want to help players pursue both scholarships and roster spots on college teams at any level or Division.  Blue Gray USA believes that there is indeed a team for nearly every player motivated enough to work for an opportunity and we want to help each player get there. 


About Our Events 

Blue Gray USA has one major focus at each one of its events: Putting the player first and making sure that all of our players, all of our college prospects and their families, have the best possible experience… and to position themselves the best outcome through their participation in our events. We are accessible from the first time a coach or other source nominates a player, before the event, on field at the event site and then afterward. We want Blue Gray USA prospects to succeed and play college baseball at the “best fit” school for them. We believe that through  attention to detail and quality management at our events and close interaction and information sharing with both college coaches and scouts on site and beyond, we can help players achieve their goals. Each Blue Gray USA event is unique and a special day for our players and their families and we strive to make it special and successful for all. 


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